Making Launches Legendary

Does this sound familiar?

💔 All the Guru's just take your money instead of make you money


💔 Spent a bunch of your hard-earned money to launch a product no one bought


💔 Haven't launched yet even though you've already taken 5 courses (or 15 hundred)


💔 Tried webinars, challenges, FB ads, high-ticket courses & consulting, only to cry your eyes out when no one buys your offer 😢

Let's Skyrocket Your Success!

Get the all hand-holding you need to hold all the money in your hands that you want

What do I actually get?

🚀 A New Workshop every month


🚀 Strategy Sessions via Zoom


🚀 Q&A's to answer any questions you may still have 


🚀 Hotseats to boost you forward & make your next offer on-fire 🔥 


🚀 Landing Page Reviews to renew your faith in fruitful offers


🚀 Launch De(briefs) 🩲 to maximize your progress 


🚀 Mindset Coaching 🧠 #mindsetmatters



💸 Your Profit Path 💸

1. Strategize

Here's where we'll map out your perfect launch together #teamworkmakesthedreamwork


2. Actualize 

This is where we "actually" bring your launch to life

3. Optimize 

Let's take the data from your last launch and make your next one even better

4. Maximize 

Here is where we take your winning offer and "scale that b!t$h like a fish" 🐠

Do I have to have a certain set of software to make this work?

Not at all. But, we do have extensive knowledge with Wordpress, Kajabi, Leadpages, Click Funnels, Kartra, Shopify, Thinkific, Ontraport, Groove Funnels, Send Owl, Convertkit, Infusionsoft & more

Do I have to have my program, course, or membership already built out?

Is this for me if I've already launched?

Will this cost an arm and a leg to get my product or service launched?


Join $9 Launch Club

Let's have fun and make the world a better place... by putting your offers in front of their face

  •  A New Workshop every month keeps you informed and in action

  • Strategy Sessions via Zoom to take your next launch to the Moon

  • Q&A's to answer any questions to get your unstuck  

  • Hotseats to boost you forward & make your next offer on-fire 🔥 

  • Landing Page Reviews to renew your faith in fruitful offers

  • Launch De(briefs) 🩲 to maximize your progress 

  • Mindset Coaching 🧠 to help you overcome any mental roadblocks holding you back #mindsetmatters

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Meet Your Mission Control 

Sarina Correa, is a Creative Entrepreneur and Business Mentor.  She has built and sold 5 creative businesses and 2 brands over the past 22 years and has been in the financial planning industry for over 20 years. 


In 2014, she discovered that her passion was truly mentoring other creatives and local business owners, teaching them how to take their passion and turn it into profit! She has had the pleasure of working one on one with some of the most influential creatives in the industry. To date,she has also created over 40 tutorials, 5 monetized Facebook groups, 3 membership groups, and 2 signature courses (Passion to Profit and Golden Triangle of Online Sales). 


She knows what it takes to build, launch and scale a product and service based business and how to monetize your social following no matter how big or small. Unlike other coaches/mentors, she is in the trenches each and every day building and launching one venture after another. 


Jeff Feuerwerker, is known for building a 6 figure dog training business. He's been responsible for bringing dog training products online before it was really popular.


In 2012, he started training and certifying other dog trainers in person and later online.  Having worked with 1000's of people and dogs, this gives him a unique perspective in human and animal psychology. He even trained the 1st singing dog on the hit TV show America's Got Talent. Having done it all himself in the beginning for over a decade before growing a team, he knows what it's like to succeed even with the odds stacked against you.  


He's well-versed in start-ups. Founded a martial arts school & started a professional jazz trio while attending college. Afterwards a photo booth company, a DJ business, and a videography company. Most recently he also received the creative vision award for the million dollar brand Remar Review. 

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